My name is Karen Gilligan and I am the VP of Wild Burro Rescue and also the webmaster for the organization. I am the one who takes care of checking and answering any emails that come over for WBR and for Diana because the internet connection  in Olancha at her house is very "iffy" to say the least. I also had set up and now update the two GoFundMe campaigns for the burros which you can find on the  other ways to help page on this site. I also take care of the bookkeeping and writing/mailing donor receipts to all who donate.

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On THIS page (VP), I will update with news of the sanctuary whenever I make a visit there, which is usually once a month. I  live in Amargosa Valley, NV. which is 3 hours from Olancha, so trips are not all that frequent!

**My next upcoming trip to Olancha will be April 20-21, 2017!

Watch for updates afterwards:) **

My 3 day visit to Olancha: March 22-24, 2017

A definite plan was made for this trip that I made over to the sanctuary: to haul lots of mud and burro poop that had been cleared out with the tractor from the corral located behind Diana's house. The water had to be re-routed, what a mess!!

With my Chevy Silverado 4x4, Bill and I made a total of 5 trips to off- load  the flat-bed trailer to about a half mile down the road at a level area. Bill and Quint both took turns with the tractor loading up the flat-bed trailer. Needless to say it was a day long project, back and forth with the flat bed. The truck got a good work out!

Another project that got done was to clean out the area right in front of the bunk house. That, too, was hauled down on the flat-bed. There were lots of dead leaves from the huge tree that is right in front of the bunk house. What a difference to see it now!

And of course, I spent time with Diana, enjoying her delicious cooking and her company! We were up well past midnight the first night I was there just catching up on news of both the sanctuary and news of the latest goings-on here where I live in Amargosa Valley. 

Below are some pictures taken of the big hauls made with my truck.



On a lighter note...

A small baby rabbit was found, it seemed to be hurt. Bill took it up to the bunk house and gave it a special place in a big dog carrier with lots of food and water. He is taking good care of it until it is ready to go back into the wild.


Marta Becket: a very dear friend of Wild Burro Rescue has passed away.

marta wbr

We, here at Wild Burro Rescue, want to mention a very special lady who just passed away at age 92 on January 30 of this year. Marta Becket. 

Marta was the world renowned ballet dancer of the desert, but besides her love of dance and art, Marta loved burros and offered her town of Death Valley Junction, with its 250 acres, as a holding facility for Wild Burro Rescue prior to getting  our the sanctuary here in Olancha. This was back in 1998-2000. Burros were being brought out of Death Valley to the safety of the Junction to Marta's very generous offer to let them stay until a permanent home was found.

She was a wonderful friend to Wild Burro Rescue, Diana and myself. Her memory lives on at Death Valley Junction, CA. at the Amargosa hotel and more especially, the Amargosa Opera House, which she created. 

We are forever grateful and thankful for all Marta did to help Wild Burro Rescue in its beginning. 

Donations are welcomed in her memory.

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