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a bequest to Wild Burro Rescue

You can assure the future of Wild Burro Rescue by naming our organization as a beneficiary of your trust or in your will. Please give it some thought!

If you are considering making a bequest of a percentage of your estate to WILD BURRO RESCUE AND PRESERVATION PROJECT, we recommend the following language:

I hereby give, devise and bequeath ____ percent (___%) of my total estate, determined as of the date of my death, to WILD BURRO RESCUE AND PRESERVATION PROJECT, a nonprofit organization located at P.O. Box 10, Olancha,CA 93549-0010
Federal Tax ID #94-3168144, for WILD BURRO RESCUE AND PRESERVATION PROJECT'S general use and purpose.


Wild Burro Rescue And Preservation Project

When you buy anything from Amazon, be sure to sign up at Amazon Smile to help Wild Burro Rescue as your charity! It is amazing how it really helps:))

Our GoFundMe campaign for our senior burros is a wonderful way to help us to keep our old timers healthy and strong. With your donations we are able to keep the tack room stocked with the much needed Senior grain and rolled oats that give them their supplements and vitamins

We also have a campaign set up for getting more shelters to keep our burros protected from the harsh winds, hot summer sun, rain and snow that prevails. 

We have shelters for many, but we sure could use more!


Here is another way to help our burros. We have recently signed up with Giving Assistant and hope you will check them out and see how you can have some of your spending help Wild Burro Rescue:)

Also check out:  


Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Wild Burro Recue and Preservation Project

Sign up and shop with Giving Assistant to start donating 3-30% of purchases from your favorite online stores like Sears, Target, and Lowes.

Of course the other way to donate is to go directly through Pay Pal. We have a secured site, so rest assured you're information is safe!

For your information, our EIN is 94-3168144

And last but not least, if you prefer, you can send a check directly to Wild Burro Rescue at PO Box 10, Olancha, CA 93549-0010

As (Wild Burro Rescue) is a tax-exempt non-profit organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, all charitable donations are deductible to the full extent allowed by law. (Wild Burro Rescue) does not trade, share or sell a donor's personal information, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations. This policy applies to all donor information received by (Wild Burro Rescue), online and offline, whether electronic, written, or oral. Due to state charity registration requirements, we are unable to accept donations from District of Columbia, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Washington,West Virginia and Wisconsin. Donations from these states are not eligible to receive a tax deduction.We are in the process of getting registered in the above states.

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